El Centro de Investigaciones Artísticas, founded by Graciela Hasper, Roberto Jacoby and Judi Werthein, is a non-profit organization under the legal umbrella of the Start Foundation. In the begining of 2006, during the International Residence for Argentine Artists (RIAA), Judi Werthein proposed the idea of a pedagogic experience and these three artists engaged in an exhaustive discussion on art education. Since then, they investigated a number of teaching models and possible education environments. It took three years to analyze and find the means to realize a project that would establish a dialogue that could go beyond disciplinary and geographical frontiers. By the middle of 2009, CIA's infrastructure and project launch plans were in place. The development and continuity of this project depends on the engagement of artists, scholars, cultural private and public institutions and enterprises, as well as philanthropic organizations and individuals.




Judi Werthein y Roberto Jacoby
President START Foundation
Lidia Aufgang
General Coordinator
Fundación START & Centro de Investigaciones Artísticas
Paula Bugni
General Coordinator
Centro de Investigaciones Artísticas
Julia Ramírez 

Communication and production
Florencia Hipolitti

Archive and production
Andrés Pasinovich

Social networks communication
Adriana Minoliti